Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Introduction

Jackie Rose brings her unique vision of beauty and meaning to the hills of Western Mass, incorporating all types of contemporary music, poetry and prose, addressing and promoting events and current events that affect our community and our world.
Jackie's show is whimsical, fun-loving and down-to-earth. Like the seed that struggles through darkness to finally burst forth into the light of day, Jackie brings together all of her life's experiences in this radio program, reflecting light,love,beauty and encouragement...finding meaning through heartache, beauty through pain...the ceaseless search for healing, for *true speaking*, the ever-spiraling upward toward the Transcendent *IS* that guides the lost sailor upon the seas of life...this is Northern Star


  1. It's ironic (or so I think) that Jackie's show would be called 'Northern Star.' The Northern Star traditionally has been a guide to point "direction" for many and varied people. I find Jackie's show does the same for me. It takes me there! My background is mostly Jazz and R&B. Jackie enlivens me, takes me to places I heretofore would be afraid to tread. I love her show!!! Definitely consciousness raising and entertaining!

  2. Hey girlfriend! Loved your show, your guest and John singing. Good stuff!
    love, t